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Chastity Corset Film Productions LLC. was officially established in 2014. The Owner and Lead Director Brittany Alston, also known as Chastity Corset, was born and raised in southeast Washington D.C.

Chastity decided to follow her true passion in pursuing Digital Film and Video Production after graduating the Art Institute of Washington where she received her bachelors degree in fine arts digital film and video production.


Chastity Corset Film Productions LLC offers high quality visuals for weddings, commercials, short films and music videos. The company is currently well sought after for professional music videos for upcoming and mainstream artist.


With every endeavor, you can expect to see Chastity’s signature storytelling style with a mixtures of genius level set design and lighting.

If you ever catch yourself wondering what Chastity Corset means, remember this: High Quality Visuals That Can’t Be Touched.

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